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ISMS Basic Policy (Information Security Basic Policy)

We try to always take the appropriate measures to completely protect the personal and confidential information entrusted to us, hoping to earn the trust and appreciation of society. And for this to become permanently part of our universal business culture, it was specifically stipulated in our {i>ISMS Basic Policy<i}. We will comply with this policy and continue to strive to maintain an advanced information management system.

Information Security Management System

We strive to protect all “information assets” held by the Company, and by complying with the laws and regulations relating to information security, we hope to earn the trust of society and continue to create management systems that always are aware of their information security.

Establishment of Our Information Security Management Office and Administration Officers

In order to implement information security measures, we have established an information security administration office under the management system with the representative director as the responsible officer. We also established an information security officer in each Department, clarified his role, and created an appropriate environment to enable the management of information.

Protection of Information Assets and Establishment of Internal Regulations

In order to completely protect our information assets from threats against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of those assets, we have formulated the ISMS Manual explicitly telling our employees how to behave, to make them thoroughly aware of our clear and specific policies.

Information Security Education and Training

To ensure our employees are well informed about information security management, we continuously conduct education and training raising our employees’ awareness and achieving a thorough understanding of all information security-related regulations.

Improvement of Our Audit System

We strive to implement appropriate information management by improving our internal audit system for information security management, regularly examining and evaluating our compliance with all regulations relating to information security management based on the ISMS manual, and then reviewing our information security management measures.

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Second Edition: established February 1, 2010
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Representative Director and President Nakamura Shinichiro