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Environmental Policy

Since our founding in 1972, we have been expanding our business from the maintenance and development of video broadcast equipment and systems to the manufacturing, sales, construction and maintenance of total security equipment and systems. We also have been expanding the services of our “Magokoro Center”, a community-based business providing emergency call and security services and that adopted imaging technology from early on in order to prevent crimes in the Kanagawa Prefecture. In either case we live up to our business philosophy which is to “work for the sake of the world”, and although we are not a large company, our business contributes greatly to society.


Our company name derives from the English word “nature”. This is also connected to our business philosophy “nature is the origin of everything”, which has not changed since our founding. That means that our activities do not interfere with the natural cycle, or, that we chose a business that considers its impact on the environment. Today, protecting the environment is not only the top priority of our management, but a challenge shared by all humanity. However, our company has been working as the “backbone” of the management before this social trend started.


As part of this efforts we acquired the ISO14001 in 2000, officially announcing to society that we strive to reduce our environmental impact. Of course, our ISO14001 activities help us execute our environmental improvement activities – our corporate goal -, but we aim to further expand our activities and hope these activities will also be reflected in the life styles of our employees and partner companies. As a result, the significance of our activities has deepened and new ideas were born, which we believe can be considered an enrichment of our activities.


We will continue to incorporate different ideas into our activities and try to connect them with our business philosophy.

  1. We comply with environmental laws and regulations
    We actively strive for our business activities to be carried out with consideration to the global environment
    To reduce our environmental impact, we promote resource conservation and energy efficiency
    We strive for the efficient use of resources and waste reduction
    We contribute to a friendly society to enrich society and the environment.
  2. We set environmental objectives and targets and achieve them with strategy
    We are constantly trying to improve ourselves to sustain the effectiveness of our environmental management system.
For inquiries about natural environment policy and information security policy, please contact here.
Second Edition: established February 1, 2010
Nature Corporation
Representative Director and President Nakamura Shinichiro