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An access control system for strict access control
Take a look at this example of a system suited for hospitals.
What you need are reliable measures to prevent the theft of important goods of hospitals, including drugs, injection needles, medical records, and PCs (important data). Because all important goods are kept/installed in the appropriate rooms, it is essential that unauthorized persons do not have access to these rooms and that the access control system records in the history who/when someone entered the room. We further recommend to install the system in areas you want to be strictly controlled, such as neonatal units.


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Fixed Dome Network Camera

Fixed Box Network Camera

Fixed Dome Network Camera

Iris Reader

Card Reader


Why We Chose These Introduction Products and Systems

Access Control System
product_02_room-1_r2_c3 product_02_room-1_r2_c7 product_02_room_r5_c2
Card Reader Card Reader with Touch Panel Scramble Keypad Iris Reader
GG-2 GG-2 iCAM7000
This is a basic ID terminal access control system. It controls “who” and “when” people have access with strict rules, and manages the history. This ID terminal takes security up a notch. It won’t give access if someone only shows a card to identify himself, but requires the corresponding PIN as a double check. This is a biometric reader for the most important rooms. It prevents spoofing by having iris identification and outstanding accuracy, even compared to other biometric authentication systems. You can make it even safer by using it together with the card reader.
Surveillance Camera System
product_01_camera_r30_c67 product_01_camera_r13_c37 product_01_camera_r44_c54
Fixed Network Camera Fixed Network Camera Network Video Recorder
SNC-EM630 SNC-EB630 NSR-500
For design reasons, we use fixed dome cameras in areas that are visible to customers. For Full HD resolution, this can be followed up with a minimum number of cameras in open spaces, such as the lobby. We install it in medicine storage rooms, medical record rooms, computer rooms, etc. to monitor the person entering or working in them. The Full HD resolution of this camera dramatically improves its accuracy of identifying people and their actions. This camera has an outstanding cost performance while supporting full HD high resolution and can be equipped with a high-capacity hard drive of up to 12 TB. In addition, it uses a RAID configuration with redundancy, and supports a reliable operation.

Why We Chose This Introduction System

Even compared with other biometrics, this iris reader has top-notch accuracy, and is ideal for high-priority areas and restricted areas where it is not allowed to carry any goods with you, making it impossible to use IC cards, and fingerprint authentication won’t work because gloves are worn.

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The method to prevent and control diverse problems is?
The theft of money, the theft of medical supplies such as drugs, breaking into cars, violence against the property of patients or the hospital staff, harassment against the hospital due to misunderstandings, abduction of newborns … There are many things that can happen in a hospital and it is not wrong to say that these are deep-seated problems. In addition to hardware, such as access control systems and surveillance camera systems, a thorough operation of security guards and patrolling officers, and a close cooperation between the staff members is also important. Staff actively talking to visitors is something else we would do on a daily basis for safety purposes.