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Forklift Approach Warning System                        カタログ

In 2018, the number of casualties caused by labor disasters in the construction industry was 15374.
Collision Accident Preventing Device
for Forklift/Heavy Machine
Have you ever encountered such scenes in your daily work?
”HIYARIHUNTER” detect workers with RF tags around the forklift (360 degrees in all directions) and alert the operator.

Major Characteristics
· It also supports large and heavy machines such as hinges
 and counters
· Do not ring all the time. If necessary, it should be identified
 according to their ID and an alarm will be sent out.
· Magnetic field is generated around the vehicle (360 °),
 which can be detected even by operators in the shady
 place that cannot be seen.
· Portable small label
· The detection distance is 5-14m
· The distance between forklifts can be detected
· Rich options
· Scalability to various systems

Dead angles were also detected in the magnetic field

Camera and sensor cannot detect dead angle. The magnetic field is generated around the vehicle, which can be detected even by the operator in the invisible shade.



It douesn’t be cry wolf.

Is it always ringing or not yelling when necessary? There is an ID in the magnetic field. Identify each ID and issue an alert.


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