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Forklift Approach Warning System Product

A small semi-active label that can work
stably even in high noise environment.
・Anti noise (strong radio wave)
・Small waterproof specifications
· battery life: up to 3 years (replaceable radio wave) *
・The body and medical machines can also be assured
Main uses
Hiyarihunter, Access Control System, Location Control
System, Attendance Management System, Position
Detection, All of Security
(※)According to the antenna used and the surrounding environment,
the communication distance will change.
Configuration Image
Basic Device(minimum configuration)
trigger signal transmitter
rotating lamp
monopole antenna
control unit
※Designs are subject to change without notice due to continual improvements

Product Image for Illustration


※According to the use conditions and environmental conditions, there will be great changes.

Model MXAT-SL-21
Waterproof IP66
Battery Life maximum of 3 years(※1)
Weight 17.7g
Dimension (W)31.5×(D)11.7×(H)56.5 (mm)
Distance Detection

・Trigger sending box is set in the center of the vehicle.

People/Vehicle Display Unit

It is safer to work by knowing the number of staff and the proximity of vehicles.【People/Vehicle Display Unit】use LED panel lights to show the number of people approaching vehicles and approaching vehicles.

Cancel Unit

It is also important to ensure the safety of the elevator crew.【Cancel Unit】when driving, you can cancel the alarm even if you have a label.


Trigger Detection Sensor

Staff do not need to carry labels.【Trigger Detection Sensor】detects the magnetic field output from the hearing hunter and activates an alarm to inform nearby staff.


Trigger Detection Box

By using the 【Trigger Detection Box】, the forklift can also be detected.