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Vehicle Number Recognition System

Vehicle Vision

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From recognizing license plates we plan on going further.

The vehicle number recognition system Vehicle Vision is a unique image processing technology system that is able to instantaneously detect, read, confirm, and identify a vehicle’s number plate.

Features of the vehicle number recognition system Vehicle Vision

Equipped with a high-performance Japanese engine

Uses a high-accuracy vehicle number recognition engine proven by government officials. We promise high reliability together with a high-quality processing speed and accuracy.

Collectively reading license plate information

In one instant, it will read the land transportation branch name, classification number, usage classification, and serial number. The collective reading makes it possible to search for various segments and divide the matches.

Entrance & Exit Traceability

The camera used for the vehicle number recognition also records the road usage history, making it possible to search the entrance and exit history (when/who/which vehicle) for date and time, vehicle attributes, driver attributes, etc..

Notification Function

Alarms can be managed not only based on the entrance and exit history, but also the owner or the vehicle information. When certain vehicles registered in the system drive through, you can set to be notified by a pop-up screen on the monitor display, a chime, a buzzer, etc..

Main screen of the vehicle number recognition system Vehicle Vision

The vehicle number plate will instantaneously be detected, read, confirmed, and identified. There is a function that can notify you with a popup when certain vehicles pass through.

Vehicle Vision main screen

Operation images of the vehicle number recognition system Vehicle Vision

Cameras will be installed on the entrance and exit as well as the road within the premises to record vehicles entering and leaving the site.

Monitoring equipment will be installed in the office and monitoring center to be prepared for VIP customers or other vehicles that need to be given special attention.

Basic Specifications of the Vehicle Recognition Engine

Target plates Large-sized motor vehicles, ordinary motor vehicles and light motor vehicles
Non-target plates Plates with an acrylic cover, illuminated type plates (when lit), special plates (diplomats, stationed troops, temporary plates, etc.)
Characters that cannot be read by the human eye (due to stains or deformation)
Recognition range Land transportation branch name (kanji), classification number, usage classification, serial number
Vehicle speed About 50 km or less (varies depending on environment and installation configuration)
Installation angle Declination angle 25°, side angle below 25°