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Fiber Security System

Detection, Surveillance & Mobilization

With long-distance sensing fiber optic cables and connected surveillance cameras you’ll be able to respond immediately in case of a suspicious person intruding

Fiber optic cables laid on the perimeter fence detect intruders by the vibration of the fence caused by climbing it. The intrusion area is mapped by the surveillance center and the connected surveillance camera system will automatically image the intrusion area, allowing you to view the footage to check the area. Guards can be sent out based on this information, making the system a highly efficient and reliable operational support tool.

Benefits of fiber optic cables

These are the benefits of using fiber optic cables which play an important role for the detection sensors.

A sensing controller (control unit) with an overwhelming detection rate

The sensing controller that controls the fiber optic cables collects vibration signals from the fence ignoring vibrations caused by wind or rain, vehicles passing the track or road, etc., and only generates an alarm if the vibrations are caused by a person climbing over the fence. This system’s signal analyzing capabilities are outstanding, with a detection rate of over 95% and a false alarm rate below 3%, making it a highly reliable system.

Operation by the integrated management software CAMS

This fiber security system is operated by the integrated management software CAMS.

Three system line-up

We offer three fiber security systems that can be selected depending on the size of the area.

Secure Fence

Secure Fence Graphic

Secure a Point

Secure Point Illustration


AURA Illustration

System Target Zone settings Optical fiber
Cable type
Sensing Department
Maximum optical fiber
Cable length
Communications Department
Maximum optical fiber
Cable length
Detection accuracy Sensing operation temperature
Secure Fence Medium to large
Fence (contact)
Unlimited Single
40 km (linear)
or 80 km (annular)
40 km Localization
(Within 25m)
Standard: -30°C to +70°C
Option: -55°C to +85°C
Secure Point Small within 1km
Fence (contact)
2 500 m 10 km Zone
AURA Medium-size
Fence (contact) or ground (close distance)
2,666 16 km or 40 km
※ 2 models available
16 km
or 40 km
(within 10m)