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Example for a Hotel with our system

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Not only contributing to security, but also to the improvement of customer services
Take a look at this example of a system suited for hotels.
Besides being used as security at certain points, including the reception, entrance hall, offices, the corridors of each floor, or the parking lot, installing the suggested surveillance camera system also brings other benefits, such as ensuring smooth business performance and improving customer services. In this case, the key point is that “where” (surveillance center, reception, office, restaurant’s kitchen, etc.), “who” (hotel staff, security guards, etc.), and “how” (fixed monitors that display maps, mobile terminals, etc.) you monitor.


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Fixed Box Network Camera

Fixed Box Network Camera

Fixed Dome Network Camera

Card Reader

Fixed Dome Network Camera

Fixed Box Network Camera

Fixed Dome Network Camera


Why We Chose These Introduction Products and Systems

Surveillance Camera System
product_01_camera_r30_c67 product_01_camera_r23_c21 product_01_camera_r44_c54
Fixed Network Camera Fixed Network Camera Network Video Recorder
SNC-EM630 SNC-EB630 NSR-500
For design reasons, we use fixed dome cameras in areas that are visible to customers. For Full HD resolution, it can be followed up with a minimum number of cameras in open spaces, such as the lobby. To monitor the equipment in machine and server rooms, archives, etc., and to prevent internal fraud and information leakage, we use this fixed box camera with Full HD resolution. This camera has an outstanding cost performance while supporting full HD high resolution and can be equipped with a high-capacity hard drive of up to 12 TB. In addition, it uses a RAID configuration with redundancy, and supports a reliable operation.
Access Control System
product_02_room-1_r2_c3 product_02_room-1_r2_c7
Card Reader Card Reader with Touch Panel Scramble Keypad
GG-2 GG-2
From employee entrances to important rooms in the hotel – this card reader can be used in any management area. It controls “who” and “when” people have access with strict rules, and manages the history. This ID terminal takes security up a notch. It won’t give access if someone only shows a card to identify himself, but requires the corresponding PIN as a double check.

Why We Chose This Introduction System

The dual monitor setup that displays the surveillance camera footage on one monitor and the maps on the other is the core of this system, and a medium to large number of surveillance cameras allows for a clever application. Also, this is a system that enables monitoring in multiple locations.

Latest Information & Nature’s Know-How

Wider possibility for our video system… What to film and how to watch
This surveillance camera system plays the role of the “extra eye” of the staff that can help out in ways, such as enabling the hotel staff to use the camera footage to see how much food is left at the buffet or to check on the situation at the banquet hall, and react accordingly, or to check on electrical equipment, broilers, etc. of the machine room. It can further be used for Internet-based live video streaming and viewing from tablets or smartphones, enabling hotel staff members or security guards to contact each other while checking the surveillance camera footage in real-time on their devices.