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Take a look at this example of a system suited for financial institutions.
Areas that should be monitored by surveillance cameras are: the main entrance, the lobby, the counter, the banking hall, the employee entrance (outdoor), and the ATM corner. We suggest a system with a high-capacity storage for long-term recordings in accordance with the guidelines of the financial institution. With our remote monitoring system, the surveillance camera footage of each branch and the ATMs outside the stores can be watched live or in play mode, even in the headquarters.


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Fixed Box Network Camera

Fixed Box Network Camera

Fixed Box Network Camera

Card Reader

Fixed Box Network Camera

Card Reader

Iris Reader


Why We Chose These Introduction Products and Systems

Surveillance Camera System
product_01_camera_r1_c1 product_01_camera_r5_c3 product_01_camera_r5_c20 product_01_camera_r2_c38
Fixed Network Camera Fixed Network Camera Hybrid Digital Video Recorder CMS
NXC-B2002D NXC-D2002D NAX1000H iNEX
This camera’s strong point is that it can be installed in various areas, including lobbies, ATM corners, offices, or employee entrances. The Full HD resolution dramatically improves its accuracy of identifying people. Place the camera on top of the counter to monitor the exchange of money, etc. with pinpoint accuracy. The Full HD picture quality makes it possible to identify money, and comes in handy when video recordings need to be checked after an incident has occurred. In addition to fixed network cameras with Full HD resolution, this hybrid recorder can also connect directly with existing analog cameras. The recorder can flexibly responds to any scheduled recordings. This integrated surveillance software can operate multiple recorders in a facility as well as multiple cameras and recorders in branches from one PC. They can be directly operated with our user-friendly GUI.
Surveillance Camera System Access Control System
product_01_camera_r50_c22 product_02_room-1_r2_c7
Storage Server Card Reader with Touch Panel Scramble Keypad
EM2210SVX GG-2
This high-capacity storage for long-term recordings is integrated in the server. It can be equipped with up to 30 TB of hard drive space, and uses RAID configuration with data redundancy. It can adapt to the guidelines of financial institutions. This is an ID terminal for card authentication and passwords. It can be connected to OA equipment, such as copiers or shredders, and ask for authentication in order for them to be used, thus contributing to {i>office security<i}.

Why We Chose This Introduction System

This is a high-capacity storage for long-term recording that has a RAID configuration providing data redundancy for the unlikely event that the built-in hard drive should fail. With their megapixel resolution, the surveillance cameras are capable of identifying money.

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Taking advantage of many years of experience.
We have installed security systems, mainly surveillance camera systems, in numerous financial institutions. We have a long history of installing systems, dating back to our foundation, and we will be happy to make suggestions backed up by our experience and the latest technology, while responding flexibly to the new needs and guidelines of each financial institution or government agency.