Product & Service Information

Surveillance Camera System

We offer a full line-up of systems with high adaptability that aren’t limited to security, but can be used in various ways, and operate even in difficult environmental conditions.

Access Control System

Our authentication security systems control the access to rooms, their residence rules, and rules for entering and exiting them. We offer card authentication, PIN, as well as high-precision biometric authentication devices.

Perimeter Protection Solution

This perimeter security has an extremely high degree of security. Our high-end long distance detection systems and video surveillance systems respond immediately.

Vehicle Number Recognition System

Our system recognizes the license plate of vehicles using a unique image processing technology. It can be used for customer management or security in various scenes including warehouses, factories, or stores.

Forklift Approach Warning

It is a system to prevent forklift truck from colliding with people and objects. When the forklift truck approaches people, walls, pillars, etc., it will inform you with alarm and light.