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Please take a look at our ideal security solutions for 10 different scenes/facilities.

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We suggest a security system that features image, authentication and detection functions suitable for each area ranging from the perimeter of the site to the production line.

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Distribution Warehouse

We suggest a security system that features image, authentication and detection functions suitable for each area ranging from the perimeter of the site to the picking location.

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Financial Institution

We suggest a system construction in a storage with a high-capacity for long-term recording in accordance with the guidelines of the financial institution.

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We suggest a security system that not only offers a variety of {i>security<i} applications, but also the benefit of {i>customer service improvement<i} and {i>smooth business performance<i}.

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We suggest a reliable and effective theft prevention for important goods of hospitals including chemicals, injection needles, medical records, and PCs (important data).

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Educational Institution

We suggest a surveillance camera and access control system focusing on identity theft prevention in libraries, PC rooms, archives, laboratories, chemical storages, etc..

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Data Center

We suggest a system with an emphasis on thorough access control to the most important areas e.g. access by IC card and biometric authentication.

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We suggest a surveillance camera system not only as a means of solving crimes and pranks, but to create a comfortable living environment by complying with rules and preventing crimes and pranks.

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We suggest a surveillance camera system with the main purpose to give clear instructions to employees and as a measure against corruption.

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Convenience Store

We suggest a surveillance camera system that has a wide range of applications including theft prevention and video evidence, as well as inventory management and prevention of trouble with customers.

Introduction Examples


Security & Building Management Service

Since our founding we have made it our mission to give “safety and security”, especially to the central area of Kanagawa, providing security services through advanced systems using guards and the latest technology.

Our services consist of machine guarding & home security, manned guarding,traffic guading, and comprehensive building management.

Machine Guarding and Home Security

We will install alarm equipment at the desired location e.g. offices, factories, private homes, etc., and monitor the information sent by the equipment from our control room 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When an abnormal situation occurs, security guards will rush to the scene and take the appropriate action.

Machine Guarding & Home Security Business Illustrations
Security Areas

Ayase, Ebina, Zama, Yamato, Fujisawa, Samukawa, Atsugi, Yokohama (Naka-ku, Izumi-Ku, Seya-Ku)
※ Among the above areas are some we cannot support.

Manned Guarding

We station security guards at facilities for access control and patrolling, and use them together with our security systems, providing high security at low cost.

Traffic Guarding

At the site of civil engineering work or construction site, professionally trained guards support smooth traffic and accident prevention.
NATURE has many 2nd grades of Traffic Guarding Test certificated workers so we can suggest solution to the request of qualified personnel placement.
And we also can offer guarding services for such as crowds (ex: at events), parking sites, absent homes or offices, patrolling services.

Service Areas

Cities of Ayase, Yamato, Ebina, Fujisawa, Atsugi, Sagamihara, Machida,
Yokohama (Izumi-ku, Seya-ku, Asahi-ku, Midori-ku, Totsuka-ku, Hotogaya-ku, Nishi-ku, Naka-ku)
※About other areas, please feel free to consult.

Comprehensive Building Management

Cleaning business
Building management services