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Please take a look at our ideal security solutions for 10 different scenes/facilities.

Perspective view


We suggest a security system that features image, authentication and detection functions suitable for each area ranging from the perimeter of the site to the production line.

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Distribution Warehouse

We suggest a security system that features image, authentication and detection functions suitable for each area ranging from the perimeter of the site to the picking location.

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Financial Institution

We suggest a system construction in a storage with a high-capacity for long-term recording in accordance with the guidelines of the financial institution.

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We suggest a security system that not only offers a variety of {i>security<i} applications, but also the benefit of {i>customer service improvement<i} and {i>smooth business performance<i}.

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We suggest a reliable and effective theft prevention for important goods of hospitals including chemicals, injection needles, medical records, and PCs (important data).

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Educational Institution

We suggest a surveillance camera and access control system focusing on identity theft prevention in libraries, PC rooms, archives, laboratories, chemical storages, etc..

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Data Center

We suggest a system with an emphasis on thorough access control to the most important areas e.g. access by IC card and biometric authentication.

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We suggest a surveillance camera system not only as a means of solving crimes and pranks, but to create a comfortable living environment by complying with rules and preventing crimes and pranks.

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We suggest a surveillance camera system with the main purpose to give clear instructions to employees and as a measure against corruption.

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Convenience Store

We suggest a surveillance camera system that has a wide range of applications including theft prevention and video evidence, as well as inventory management and prevention of trouble with customers.

Introduction Examples


Emergency Call Service Magokoro Center

The Magokoro Center gives you the reassuring feeling
that someone cares.

Women and elderly persons that feel uncomfortable living alone
Households with children or elderly persons who are often left alone during the day

Contact the Magokoro Center with the push of a button.
We will help you not to feel uncomfortable living alone.

Magokoro Center illustration

Plan Menu

Basic Plan3,800 yen monthly (tax excluded)
・Emergency call service
When we receive a emergency notification, all family members, friends, neighbors, etc. who you have registered with us beforehand will be contacted. In case of emergency we will respond immediately by calling an ambulance or the police.
・Personal telephone service
Once a week, a female staff member of the Magokoro Center will contact you.
Additional Plan6,800 yen monthly (tax excluded)
In addition to the basic plan, we will send security guards to confirm your safety in case of emergency.
※ Please contact our support area.
Customized Plan* The price varies depending on your specifications.
By installing fire alarms, our life rhythm function will be added. We will watch over your life. We can provide systems according to your needs.

Home Security

Service menu

Phone consultation
Whenever you feel uncomfortable or have worries
we are there to consult you.
Key custody
(only on request)
We keep a spare set of your keys
so that our security guards can enter your house in case of emergency.
Personal phone call
(only on request)
We will call you once a week
to see if you are alright.
Birthday card
We will send you a card on your birthday.