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Please take a look at our ideal security solutions for 10 different scenes/facilities.

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We suggest a security system that features image, authentication and detection functions suitable for each area ranging from the perimeter of the site to the production line.

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Distribution Warehouse

We suggest a security system that features image, authentication and detection functions suitable for each area ranging from the perimeter of the site to the picking location.

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Financial Institution

We suggest a system construction in a storage with a high-capacity for long-term recording in accordance with the guidelines of the financial institution.

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We suggest a security system that not only offers a variety of {i>security<i} applications, but also the benefit of {i>customer service improvement<i} and {i>smooth business performance<i}.

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We suggest a reliable and effective theft prevention for important goods of hospitals including chemicals, injection needles, medical records, and PCs (important data).

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Educational Institution

We suggest a surveillance camera and access control system focusing on identity theft prevention in libraries, PC rooms, archives, laboratories, chemical storages, etc..

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Data Center

We suggest a system with an emphasis on thorough access control to the most important areas e.g. access by IC card and biometric authentication.

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We suggest a surveillance camera system not only as a means of solving crimes and pranks, but to create a comfortable living environment by complying with rules and preventing crimes and pranks.

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We suggest a surveillance camera system with the main purpose to give clear instructions to employees and as a measure against corruption.

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Convenience Store

We suggest a surveillance camera system that has a wide range of applications including theft prevention and video evidence, as well as inventory management and prevention of trouble with customers.

Introduction Examples

Company Profile


On October 3, 1972, the Nature Corporation (hereinafter “Nature”) was established as a manufacturer of electronic parts. From starting with the assembly and wiring of electronic parts, we have expanded our business scope to include design, technology and support capabilities such as the production and installation of security systems, the production of video equipment parts or the maintenance of broadcast equipment. Subsequently, along with the launch of our IT Solutions business, the Nature as we know it today was formed.

All of our employees challenge themselves everyday in order to provide many customers with our original services generated from {i>combining human power with digital technology<i},{i> <i}including network systems, security systems, system integrations, and guard security services which are all based on the know-how and experience Nature accumulated since its establishment.

Our strength is {i>Human Power + Digital Technology<i}. In the current business scene, the more IT systems (digital) evolve, the more important become analog components in order to satisfy the customer. By combining human power (analog), which is a great asset to our company, with the power of our IT Solutions (digital), Nature is able to provide warm service that no one else can match. And now that we accomplished that, our business is able to aim for depth more than ever before, and we now can expand our support and increase in size. We believe that as a result, we might be able to create a “virtuous business cycle” continuing to meet the diverse needs of our customers. In addition, thanks to the many people who’ve been involved with us so far, in 2013, Nature was able to celebrate its 40th anniversary. However, this is nothing more than a checkpoint on our way to reaching our goal for the next 10 years, which is to provide better service with high added value. Nature’s {i>evolution of human power and digital technology<i} is our greatest motivation. We are convinced that as a result of the organic connection with the people involved in our business we will create output that exceeds the expectations of our customers, and that it contributes to the creation of new values and further growth.

Nature will continue evolving. I promise that we will keep moving forward toward the future that is ahead like the magnificent dawn I once saw as a student in Africa, and that we will continue to explore challenges to keep creating values for a better world. We hope to create a bright future together with all of you who have been involved with us.

We hope to continue to receive your kind cooperation.

Representative Director and President Nakamura Shinichiro