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Please take a look at our ideal security solutions for 10 different scenes/facilities.

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We suggest a security system that features image, authentication and detection functions suitable for each area ranging from the perimeter of the site to the production line.

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Distribution Warehouse

We suggest a security system that features image, authentication and detection functions suitable for each area ranging from the perimeter of the site to the picking location.

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Financial Institution

We suggest a system construction in a storage with a high-capacity for long-term recording in accordance with the guidelines of the financial institution.

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We suggest a security system that not only offers a variety of {i>security<i} applications, but also the benefit of {i>customer service improvement<i} and {i>smooth business performance<i}.

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We suggest a reliable and effective theft prevention for important goods of hospitals including chemicals, injection needles, medical records, and PCs (important data).

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Educational Institution

We suggest a surveillance camera and access control system focusing on identity theft prevention in libraries, PC rooms, archives, laboratories, chemical storages, etc..

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Data Center

We suggest a system with an emphasis on thorough access control to the most important areas e.g. access by IC card and biometric authentication.

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We suggest a surveillance camera system not only as a means of solving crimes and pranks, but to create a comfortable living environment by complying with rules and preventing crimes and pranks.

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We suggest a surveillance camera system with the main purpose to give clear instructions to employees and as a measure against corruption.

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Convenience Store

We suggest a surveillance camera system that has a wide range of applications including theft prevention and video evidence, as well as inventory management and prevention of trouble with customers.

Introduction Examples

Introduction Examples

Example for a Educational Institution with our system

Introduction suggestions

Security measures for an institution to which the public has access
Take a look at this example of a system suited for educational institutions such as campuses.
We mainly build surveillance camera and access control systems focusing on identity theft prevention in areas such as libraries, PC rooms, archives, laboratories, or chemical storages. For open facilities where an unspecified number of people can access the site, including outsiders dressed as students, we recommend security with an access control system that controls the access to private room where important goods are kept/installed.

Educational Institution

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Fixed Dome Network Camera

Fixed Box Network Camera

Card Reader


Why We Chose These Introduction Products and Systems

Access Control System
product_02_room-1_r2_c3 product_02_room-1_r2_c7
Card Reader Card Reader with Touch Panel Scramble Keypad
GG-2 GG-2
This is a basic ID terminal access control system. It controls “who” and “when” people have access with strict rules, and manages the history. This ID terminal takes security up a notch. It won’t give access if someone only shows a card to identify himself, but requires the corresponding PIN as a double check.
Surveillance Camera System
product_01_camera_r30_c67 product_01_camera_r13_c37 product_01_camera_r44_c54
Fixed Network Camera Fixed Network Camera Network Video Recorder
SNC-EM630 SNC-EB630 NSR-500
This fixed dome camera’s strong point is that it is not particularly intimidating. With its Full HD resolution, it can shoot wide angles and yet get a clear image, and if there aren’t any obstacles in the way, one camera in each room will fulfill all your requirements. For places that aren’t used by students we choose this fixed camera, because a surveillance camera should clearly be installed there. With its Full HD resolution, persons can be identified reliably. This camera has an outstanding cost performance while supporting full HD high resolution and can be equipped with a high-capacity hard drive of up to 12 TB. In addition, it uses a RAID configuration with redundancy, and supports a reliable operation.

Why We Chose This Introduction System

We chose this access control system because it has a function that lets you set an availability schedule (e.g. 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.) in addition to letting you select the staff members who are allowed to access the areas controlled by the system. Setting these limits and managing people such as patrolling security guards, the security becomes even more rigid.

Latest Information & Nature’s Know-How

Our security systems keep improving We have the required operational efficiency
There are many educational institutions (mainly universities) that are improving their surveillance camera systems. Since some of those facilities are situated on large plots, in some cases the number of surveillance cameras exceeds 100 units. Although that is a huge amount of equipment, it can be operated efficiently by connecting it with the access control system and the motion sensors, etc., to use the alarm function, or by monitoring the surveillance camera footage and the map screens.